I think you should always take a peak and see what content is resonating with your audience. I looked at the School of Podcasting Stats, and here are the top episodes of 2016. Here are my top ten (with #1 being the top and #10 being lower)

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#1 The Two Most Important Parts of Your Podcast

#2 Keeping Your Podcast Legal (with Gordon Firemark)

#3 You Can Change What You Won't Start

#4 The Three Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing to Do With Microphones, Downloads, or Hosting

#5 Creating Compelling Podcasts – Podfest 2016 Reflections

#6 What If Podcasting Was A Sport? Have You Been To Training Camp?

#7 Great Content: Reverse Engineering a Driveway Moment (with David Hooper)

#8 The Podcast Mindset – Favorite Social Network – New and Noteworthy Part 1

#9 It Started With a Tweet – The Amazing Troy Heinritz Story

#10 5 Voice Related Tools for Engagement and Podcast Promotion

#11 (BONUS) How Glenn Hebert Does Morning Radio From His House – Couch Cushions Test