I was interviewed for the Mr. Media show, and he was singing the praises of using the app from stitcher.com on his show. I decided to look into it (and the company) and I found it interesting. I'm interviewing a representative for my podcast tonight.  

As of now, it is official. You can find the School of Podcasting on stitcher.com As someone who runs the School of Podcasting, I often jump into a pool so I can turn to all and explain how the water is. I recently did an episode where I tried out the new Electro Voice RE320.

Now I'm dipping my toes in the Stitcher water. Stitcher is an app for your phone (iphone, android, blackberry, palm) where you can listen to the School of Podcasting (and many other great podcasts) without having to synchronize your device. Without having to download the files. It remembers where you are in the episode. It's cool.

I've always been a person who said, “Give your content to people in the format they want it.” If you're a stitcher person, you can now find me.

If you're new to it, you can find out more at www.stitcher.com/davej They are even running a fun monthly contest where when you sign up (it's free) you get a chance to win $100. To get it on your phone, go to www.stitcher.com/davejand enter your email address and they will email you the link to your phone (it's easy). When you register,  hit the promo code box and enter davej to get automatically entered to win $100 (yes kids thats an affiliate link, but I would be trying this even without an affiliate program).

Stitcher seems to be a company that is looking to make it easy to consume your content. They now have a deal with Sonos (the wireless system) to make it easy to pipe podcasts throughout your home. Stitcher will be offered in 2012 in all Buick Sedans (which I find ironic as I think of “older people” when I hear the word Buick). They will also be offered in Chevy cars. Their app ahs won awards as “Best App Ever” in the news section of the iPhone. Speaking of iPhones, you can also get Stitcher on your iPad.

Who is using stitcher? Adam Corolla, Kevin Smith to name jsut a few. I know Greg Fitzsimmons is NOT. He was asked to be taken OFF. Which leads me to my interview tonight.

I am interviewing a stitcher representative tonight. I see the ease of the platform. I see the cutting of the apple synchronization cord. I understand there are some monetization tools available. There are some very interesting stats (like how many listeners listened to the entire podcast) that you can get any place else.

What have you heard about stitcher? Have you used it? Did you like it? Hate it? Would you use it?

Leave your comments below. My interview is at 7 PM EST tonight.