I have a client who is going to be switching to the hosting service 1and1. I'm not sure why.

While WordPress is the most used cms/blogging tool on the planet, 1and1 does not have a way to install it easily. I couldn't believe it. I called and got their sales.

“Is there some sort of 1 click install for Worpress? I see you have 1 click installs for other software (like joomla)” I asked.┬áNo (the sales associate replied) we do not have that solution. You can upload wordpress via ftp and use it that way. We have plenty of client who use WordPress.

I asked, “Is that something you do for your clients” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “You need to upload it via ftp.”

I've installed WordPress “via ftp” before. It's not impossible. I'm just blown away. I see 1and1 advertised everywhere. To be this “well known” and not have an uber way to install this incredibly popular software titles is really surprising. As it only takes about 5-10 minutes to install, I'm surprised they don't offer that for free (or a minimal fee).

To me this is like going to a restaurant where they serve neither Coke or Pepsi. But they serve soda water and flavorings