I got to tell you I’m just loving my Kindle. First of all I love reading, and I am reading more than I have in years (and saving money with every book I purchase).

I bought the kindle, and one of the features I never heard about is when you are reading on a Kindle you can “highlight” favorite passages etc. Later when you plugin the kindle to your computer there is a text file with a listing of everything that has been highlighted. As a podcaster this makes show notes a piece of cake. As a part time Minister In Training, this makes sermon notes a snap (and a real time saver). If I was a student, I would be in heaven.

One day I realized I had forgotten to recharge the Kindle (as it goes a long time on a single charge) so I plugged it in to charge it (and wasn't able to use it). No problem. I downloaded the Kindle reading software to my computer and read my books right there on my screen. When I open the book on my computer, it takes me to the last place I was when I was reading on the kindle. Very cool.

I’ve been taking my Kindle with me, and reading while walking the dog in the morning. This is great as sun glare is not an issue with the screen (like my phone). However, at night you can’t read the screen (there is not back light). No problem, I downloaded the app for my droid and download the book I’ reading. As my phone is backlit, reading in the dark is super easy. I was highly skeptical about reading a book on my phone. However, I can easily blow up the text to make it readable, and just keep my finger handy to turn the pages (which doesn’t take long to read a page on the phone). Once again, I pick up the book wherever I left off.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing one, I would say go for it. The money I save on books has almost paid for the unit (anywhere from 5-10 a book). I’m not sure the books for the ipad are as versatile (I’m sure they will be), but with the price drop on the latest version of the Kindle -to me owning one is a no brainer.

Insterested? More information at amazon.com