I've loved Libsyn (one of the companies owned by Wizzard Media) since the day I start podcasting. My first episode was on a libsyn server, and I still use them today. If I didn't use Libsyn, my second choice has always been blubrry.com simply becuase its a podcasting company run by podcasters, and I know the President, and some of the porgrammers personally (they did a lot of with Podcamp Columbus). The one thing that always makes me nervous about Wizzard media (I need Rob to explain this), is when I read how “they are losing less money” this year.  Here is an exerp from a press release.

Wizzard Software posted a net loss of $607,000, or a penny per share, for the first quarter of fiscal 2011, the Shadyside-based podcasting and speech technology firm announced today. That's a 55 percent decrease from the $1.3 million and 2-cent losses seen this quarter one year ago.

Revenues, however, went up 20 percent from last year to reach $1.57 million.

In a prepared statement, Wizzard Chief Executive Officer Chris Spencer said his company was well-positioned to achieve profitability soon.

“As we start 2011 with over $2.4 million cash in the bank and debt free, with no outstanding convertible notes, preferred stock, interest payments or dilutive ratchets, we are positioned to achieve profitability,” said Mr. Spencer.

As I prepare to release my book More Podcast Money, I LOVE to hear that revenues are up 20%, but it is odd to hear that they are losing money. On the other hand, when you have 2.4 millon in the bank and debt free, there probably isn't much to worry about.
The full press release is here