Blogger and Podcaster magazine have put together a guide on Podcasts and Blogs. This is now going to be featured on the front page of USA TODAY (10 million viewers a DAY), and they will also publish a printed version once a week (another 5 million readers). The cool thing is the guide will also interact with USA TODAY's website so if you are reading a story about Britney Spears the site will list podcasts about Britney Spears. The online version will cost $49.95 a month and the printed version will be $195 per week.

But I know how you can get into the online version for FREE.

I've worked a deal for members of the School of Podcasting. They can get a month of the online version for FREE. Then if they continue they get 20% off the online version, and 25% off the printed version. There is no long term contract, you can try it and cancel before you get billed.

Now I can't just give it to you. But someone asked, "Hey do I get the code if I sign up for the School of Podcasting for one day?" ($4.99). To this I said, "Yes you do, it's listed under the membership bonuses when you first login to the site.

So yes. You can spend 5 bucks, and save 50.  Sound like a plan? Sign up at the School of Podcasting I guess AE isn't the only place where membership has its privileges.