I recently ran across a post that discussed how podcasts are taking away jobs from copywriters, and how video (Youtube) is going to be THE Platform and all others will die.

Evil, evil youtube. Shame on you for killing innocent copywriters.

Seriously? What's next a “Podcasting is Dead” blast?

Did TV kill radio? Did either of them kill newspapers (completely) ? Did TV kill movies? Did cable kill the box office? I did an email newsletter for years (still do) with about 1,200 people on it and got very little feedback. I turned that same information into an audio podcast and got feedback from Germany within a week (I'm in Ohio). Why, because it was more personal. It had tone of voice, and it was delivered in a more entertaining fashion.

Yes anybody with a usb microphone can create a podcast. This does NOT mean they should. Do not forget. CONTENT is king. Great content takes TIME (I tell my clients it takes four minutes to produce one minute of audio podcast). What the gold rush rush of Podcasting and Youtube has done has made it hard to find the GOOD stuff. You have to step over the junk (and about 4,000 videos of kittens) to get to it. The bright side is many horrible podcasters quit before their seventh episode because it takes TIME to create GREAT content, and they thought they would be famous overnight by listing their podcast in iTunes.

I hear this same question about audio podcasting (is video going to kill it?). It's not. Audio podcasting allows you to multitask. I can't watch a video and drive to work. Also, many videos are simply “talking heads” and if that talking head doesn't have great content, it's not going to work. Do you drive? Then I still have a potential audience.

You need to deliver content in the format people want it. I still deliver my podcast in a newsletter format for those that want it. You can listen to my podcast on my website, or you can subscribe via RSS.
In the same way, Gone With the Wind can be found on VHS,DVD, and Blu-Ray. Same content delivered in the format the audience wants.

If you have a newsletter, FOR PETE'S SAKE turn it into a podcast. People will blow $300 on a hobby known as Xbox with Kinect. But they stop dead in their tracks when it comes to putting out $200 for a microphone and mixer that will allow them to reach the world. That boggles my mind.

I wrote a book called “More Podcast Money” and explain all the ways people are benefiting from podcasting.You will be seen an expert, sell ads in your podcast, sell ads on your site, get free stuff to review (I will be reviewing a USB interface later today), and much more. I interviewed a podcaster last week who had a listener donate to him in the form of a  $12,000 check. It was his way of saying “thank you” for the content.

In the same way that newspapers, radio, TV, and movies have all existed for years, so will blogs, podcasts, and YouTube.