I ran across a cool Widget to make a donation goal and asked the website owner where he got this cool widget (I had been using chipin.com). The answer? Paypal.

All you have to do is go into your paypal account and in the upper right hand corner type “widgets” in the search box. Eventually you will be taken to a Paypal labs site. Here you can

Choose the color of the widget

The color of the title

Choose an image (100X170)

Choose the color of your progress bar

Set the goal amount

Enter a paragraph about your cause.

Choose if you want people to be able to embed the widget on their website (who would say “no”?).

Then you copy and paste the code.


There is one small issue. If you want to create more than one widget (for those with multiple podcasts) you need to basically log out and log back in to create the second widget. You will see your previous widgets (which makes it easy to update each month).

Here is what the end result looks like: