ReviewMe Pay Per PostAs you might imagine with the release of my book More Podcast Money, I try to stay up to date with ways of monetizing your blog and podcast. One way that I had heard of, but never investigated was Pay Per Post. This is where advertisers pay you to write a favorable review of their product. This sounds fishy to me, and with respect to recent law changes, illegal.

When I did a quit search I found sites like, and claims to pay from $20 -$200 per post. Yummy. But what about integrity? What about your credibility? I have spoken and professed how podcasting builds trust with your audience. With this in mind, don't sell out for $20 bucks

Can Pay Per Post be useful for podcasters?

Sure. I've just got my toe in the water researching these companies, but the key to this would be to only accept/write blogs about those products you actually endorse. For example, if Host Gator had a program where they would pay me to post, I would be all over it (I use them for all my hosting). If blog talk radio did (they have an affiliate program – which I do not promote), I would not (I hate their audio quality).

I'm waiting for my websites to be approved in some cases, or have already been rejected (weekly web tools was turned down by – who has criteria in terms of traffic you should meet).

I'll keep you posted.