Dana Gould

Dana Gould has done it all in showbiz. As a comedian he's done Conan, Kimmel, HBO, Comedy Central, he was a voice on the Simpsons for 7 years – I could go on. He's done it!

Now he can add “podcaster” to his resume. In a recent article he stated, “If you're a comedian, it's not mandatory that you have a podcast, but I expect that law will be passed soon. There's no better way to promote yourself, and what is appealing about it is the people who listen to podcasts are very active. They're not what you would call “passive” fans. It's a great way to connect with your audience on a more regular basis. ”

“I finally found a way to catch a break in show business. All I had to do was buy a bunch of equipment, write, produce and perform a show, edit it and then release it myself.”

Dana Gould Website

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