podcastscom-logoI have some basic criteria for Media Hosting:

1. Do not change my file name (the bit rate, the ID3 tags).

2. Give me stats

3. Give me support

4. Charge me for it.

5. Have integrity (no false advertising on your front page).

6. Make it easy to leave with my audience. (I can redirect my feed).


Podcasts.com came on the scene recently so I sent them:

1. How do you make money (business plan).

A: Some of the podcasts have ads on their searchable directory index page on Podcasts.com page. Those ads pay for the costs.

2. Do you change my mp3 file name?

3. Do you change my mp3 ID# tags?

4. Do you change the bit rate of my show (stereo/mono/bit rate)

A: 2 – 4 – Those are all part of our management portal.

These are yes no questions, and when you don't answer them I assume the worst. 



5. Do you supply an RSS redirect in the event I don't want to use your service.

A: We do not at this time.
6. Is there a way to show my rss feed from my website (that I use to manage my show) instead of the RSS feed from podcasts.com

A: You could create a redirect URL on your site which you can give out and have it just redirect to ours.

Notice  the tech support person is trying to get me to redirect my traffic to their website. (Or its a person who doesn't understand podcasting, or they don't want to display anything from your website).

In speaking with Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast, he had stated that he had some email exchanges and they seemed open to putting a link back to your website.

Take it for what it's worth. I see it as a platform for secondary distribution.