www.Emusic.com/musicnews is a sponsor for one of my podcasts (the Music News Podcast) so I went over to check out the site. They have a ton of music there and you can get 35 songs for free. The trial ends in 14 days, and if you don't like it, you can cancel and keep the 35 free songs.

I logged in and found some of my favorite blues artists. Then I search for Sheryl Crow (no dice), and Metallica (no dice), why? Because their labels don't get it. You see emusic doesn't put DRM or ANYTHING to stop you r from burning it to a CD, etc. So the labels that use this service actually trust the consumer. What a concept.

So while I didn't find Sheryl, I did find Shannon Curfman. I loved Shannon's first CD (on a major label), but being that she has talent, she is no longer on that label. But her new label, and new CD are awesome (I've contacted her manager to get her on the Podsafe Music Network). I found Tommy Castro, Ray Charles, Robben Ford, and the North Mississippi Allstars. These are bands I used to purchase when I had "local" music stores. Those poor stores have been run out of town by the "Best Buys" of the world who now only carry 20 Blues CDS TOTAL. So finding, um, TALENTED artist at Best Buy is a struggle.

While I originally thought I would sign up, get my free music and cancel before my subscription started, I did the opposite and downloaded my 35 songs and then almost immediately signed up to get another 75 more. I also need to see how local musicians can get their music into emusic as there is a powerfull "If you like this artist chec kout this artist as well" feature that had me discovering all sorts of new music.

You can check out my "tour of emusic" at www.musicnewspodcast.net/tour or just go to www.emusic.com/musicnews to sign up today.