Nothing makes me grit my teeth more than when I watch a person with Radio experience jump into the “podosphere” and dub themselves a Podcast Consultant. I will say it again. I will say it confidently. I will say it LOUD.


Now in this instance, Allan Hunkin seems like a nice guy. He's a positive thinker.

According to his website he is one of the first Podcasters. Funny, I've NEVER heard of him. I've heard of Michael Butler, Adam Curry, and Dawn and Drew. Allan Hunkin is not ringing a bell.

According to his website has has been Podcasting for 13 years. That's funny as I thought Adam Curry and Dave Winer invented delivering audio/video/pdf files via RSS (later known as Podcasting) in September of 2004 (that would be 7 years ago – not 13).

Now I have not seen a copy of the “Podcast & Talk Host Mastery” book yet. I've read about every book there is to read on Podcasting, but when I have someone start spouting their credentials in a manner that mathematically does not add up I have a hard time reaching for my wallet (for the record, I've asked for a review copy – I could be wrong after all). His About us Page states that he has been podcasting since 1999. It also states, ” Allan was president of Consulting, a podcast, consulting, design and production boutique working with companies, organizations and individual thought leaders worldwide to create unique brand and marketing initiatives through podcasting. (Allan withdrew from both of these activities, and all other industry related service providing when he became publisher of the primary industry publication “Podcast & Talk Host Mastery” in 2010).” Its strange that such a successful(?) site would “go away.” Unless…

You make the call. His podcast consulting site is gone (it now redirects to his book). When you go to his website its a Google profile page. Seriously? You can't spend the $8 a month at Host Gator to get a proper website? Do you buy a car from a salesmen in a tent?

The book seems like an an interesting idea. It's part “How to,” part “Why” and part “Where.” I think its interesting that there are (from what I heard on the video at his site) links to articles by Podcast consultants. I have a better idea. Why not listen to the Podcast consultant on their podcasts. I guess this post means the School of Podcasting will not be in the next issue. Then again, as I have an affiliate program – I bet it will.

So I went looking into Allan Hunkin's podcast. He did in fact have a podcast (that hasn't put out an episode since November of 2009). He has interviewed some great Internet Marketers, and celebrities like Alan Alda (so I give him credit – I would learn something from that aspect). When I clicked on the link to his website in the iTunes directory it went to a dead page (another great first impression you subscribe to his Podcast for Successful Living you will see that none of the episodes download. I guess after 13 years, he still needs some practice.

This is the guy you want to teach you how to Podcast? He is setting up a membership site for $99 a year to teach you how to podcast.Yes I know my Membership site (the first website specifically designed to teach people how to podcast) is $40 a month – but my Podcasts work. Currently he is selling his book for $24.95.

The interesting thing is he admits that the word Podcast is seven years old on his website video. Then why say you've been PODCASTING for 13 years. Ok, I'l try to move on.

His website states how the book will teach you h “How to record your podcast without purchasing any hardware or software.” To this I add the phrase “that sounds like crap.” It makes me want to write a book called “How to be a NASCAR driver without buying a car.”

I have contacted Allan so I can learn about his 13 years as a Podcaster and possibly have him on my show (wouldn't that be fun?). I would suggest to Allan that he hire me so I can show him how to find the mistakes on his website (look I know, I'm the King of Typos), but at least I have my permalinks setup to generate some Google traffic.

I apologize for going all “Howard Stern” and dissecting my “competition” but sometimes they make it too easy and I don't want to see anyone get pulled in by another snake oil salesmen who is jumping on Podcasting cause its the new hot thing (technically the “new hot thing” period was 2005-2006).

In my opinion Allan is not a Podcast Consultant. According to his Successful Living Podcast (which is on a free website), he is a Life Enhancement expert (as long as your life does not include a Podcast, I think your OK).



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