While I was at the Expo I ran into Dan Klass of the Bitterest pill (One of my all time favorite podcasts, my show "Building a Better Dave" is a cheap immitation at best of the genious that is Dan Klass). While I'm interviewng him he says, "Hey, you're #9 !" and I'm like "Fwa?" he explain that Alex the Podcast Junk UK made a list of the most recognized voices in Podcasting and I'm number 9. The interesting thing is he is #10 (and that is a crime!). Here is how the rest of the list unfolds.

1 P. W. Fenton
2 Trucker Tom
3 Adam Curry
4 Leo Laporte
5 Mr. Cameron Reilly
6 Anji Bee.
7 CC Chapman
8 Franklin McMahon
9 Dave Jackson (that would be me)
10 Dan Klass

The podcast Junky reviews different podcasts. Here is what he said about me

"If you’re a podcaster and you haven’t listened to Dave Jackson’s “School Of Podcasting – Morning Announcements” then you’re really missing out on a treat.

I just listened to his show entitled “Understanding RSS and XML” and it’s a great podcast to listen to if you’re still having trouble with that dinky little orange-coloured icon together with your xml feed."

(This was after listening to show #72 )

You can find the Podcast Junk UK at http://podcastjunky.wordpress.com/