Jeff Roney just put out a blog post stating how he started a podcast with this wife about a television show called “Once upon a time.” I know nothing about the show (I don't watch TV), but I know when you start a podcast you're nt sure if there will be an audience for your topic.

One way to eliminate the “Is there an audience for this” is to start a podcast about a television show. This provides the audience of that show a place to gather while waiting for the next episode. I have done this with the Jillian Michaels Fan Cast.

The “Happy Ending” of this show is that Jeff has landed as a “New and Noteworthy” podcast in iTunes. Actually it's not the ending, it's just the beginning. What it does show is that you don't have to be on NPR or a high-profile comedian to be “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes.

Congrats Jeff! Find out more about this podcast at

(sorry I got the URL wrong originally Jeff)