Today's post is not really about podcasting, but I truly belive my readers will benefit from it.

Oh My God I Can't Find My Phone!

Has this ever happened to you? You just looked in the FREEZER for your phone. Why? because you can't find it, and you've looked everywhere.

OK. I didn't lose my phone. But I have lost items in the past. I've almost lost my phone. It was the worst 3 minutes and 27 seconds of my life. When I found it, I wanted to kiss it. Think about all the information you have in your phone, or laptop, keys, usb drive, etc. We keep making things smaller, and it keeps getting easier to lose this stuff. I know.

Back in2005 the iRiver company had a strong hold with their 899 model. Not only was it a cool mp3 player, but you could use it as a portable recorder. It was awesome. In true, FWA? fashion they discontinued that feature in future models (cause podcasting was a fad…..). I lost mine. The 899 was about the size oy my thumb. I loved that little booger, and I think about it every now and then. I'm hoping some day I'll put on a pair of dress shows that I haven't worn in years only to find my 899 stuffed into the toes.

If I had used I would've had a 70% chance of getting it back.

What is Stuffback?

If you value your electronics, you might want to check this site out. Here are the details:

StuffBak's provides free lifetime registration for all items and two years free returns for all retail labels, tags and cases. Recovery and shipping fees (if any) are determined by your current service level (the service fee never exceeds $49.00).

You can order StuffBak labels for as little as $7.95 each. Additionally, StuffBak provides quantity discounts and a time-saving label pre-activation option. Stuffbak labels come in several sizes and types, including adhesive, teslin and a highly durable aluminum adhesive.

Finders are motivated to return lost property because StuffBak's system is simple, convenient, confidential, cost-free, and rewarding. They simply call a toll-free number or go online and report the item’s owner number. StuffBak arranges for a courier pickup or directs them to a nearby drop-off center. They don't have to pack a box or pay for shipping. Once the property is returned to the owner, finders receive StuffBak's standard $20-value product reward, plus any cash reward offered by the owner.

For drop-off locations they use all UPS Stores. If there is not a UPS Store location near the finder, StuffBak will arrange for a courier pick up. If the owner is in the same proximity as the finder, and both parties agree to meet, StuffBak will facilitate a face-to-face exchange.

10% off with Dave10

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Does this sound like a service you would use? Have you ever lost anything?