ShopWurld - It's your World Get a Piece of it!I've been playing with ShopWurld. It sounds like a scam, but it may just be legit even though it touts things such as:

The potential for income is limitless.

Unlike Amway and Avon, there are no start up fees, and nothing to sell.

Make money while you sleep.

Um, ok sure.  I looked further and they openly admit they are a pyramid set up. A LEGAL pyramid setup that is being used by entrepreneurs and charities. Charities? yep like Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers Big Sisters,  and many more.

So you can sign up as a dedicated shopper and the money back bonuses go directly to you. You can become a network partner and the bonuses need to equal $1.75 (so if you but a $20 gift certificate you're good for the month. I purchased a $25 gift certificate for $10). If you earn more than $1.75 it rolls over to the next month. I purchased two subscriptions to magazines and I'm good for two months. Then if you get 5 friends to sign up, and they become partners (AHA!) you start to earn commissions on their participation.

So the closest thing I've found is your firends have to sign up as partners and meet their monthly $1.75 commission.  But if you have people that shop online on a regular basis…

So there is no start up fee, no kits to buy (Avon), and I don't have to sell anything (Amway), or annoy my firends to have a party (Pampered Chef). They sign up and shop like they normally do at the stores they normally do (picture a really, REALLY big mall with places like Dick's sporting goods, iTunes, Barnes and noble, home depot, macy's best buy, and many, money more) and save with coupons (like 15% of four order at Dicks).

You can also listen to my investigation as it continues at

The only catch I find is you have to know friends with a computer who buy stuff occasionally online. It doesn't cost anything to join, no kits, and no annoying your friends. Once they sign up, you're done and they shop per usual, and you make money (If you want to).

Check out this video for more Shopwurld info.