Podcast DownloadsSo what kind of additional downloads can I expect by putting my episodes on Soundcloud? I looked at my stats on Libsyn.com, Spreaker/iHear Radio, Stithcher and Soundcloud over the last 30 days. This was for the Ask the Podcast Coach Podcast. Here is what I found.

Obviously the majority of my traffic comes from my main media host which feeds my website, iTunes, etc. My media host for this program is Libsyn.com
I stream this show on Spreaker (and mixlr but didn't include those stats as I only use that service for streaming live).

51% of my audience consumed me through my website and what I will call “primary” outlets (itunes, etc) Libsyn.com

17% listen on Stitcher on an Android Device

16% listen on Stitcher on an iOS device (meaning stitcher represents 33% of my audience)

12% consumed my content on the Spreaker website. I use spreaker for the ability to get on iHeart radio.

3% consumed it on iHeart Radio

1% consumed it on Soundcloud

In regards to Spreaker and Soundcloud, I do next to nothing to promote myself on these platforms (I drive traffic to MY website, not theirs). I share soundcloud on my G+ account, and that's about it.

Please note that followers on Spreaker does not necessarily mean listeners. I have 3856 followers on Spreaker, but typically get less than 50 plays per episode.

Total number of downloads 2178 ( which means I have 13 plays on Soundcloud for the ask the podcast coach show – or $1.15 per listener – if I had just one show  – which I don't).

Lastly, I appreciate every single listener and if I seem to degrade any number it is only in comparison of the other platforms (all listeners are valuable).

 What About YouTube?

I made the original graph to show my secondary distribution points. Then I thought about it. The Ask the Podcast Coach show is also saved as a video on youtube (sadly I don't save my live stats I will in the future.

If we add YouTube to the mix (11%) you get this


So now its:

45% Libsyn (My website and “1st level distribution” )

15% stitcher Android

14% Stitcher iOS ( so stitcher represents 29% of my audience)

11% Spreaker

11% Youtube

3% iHeart Radio

1% Soundcloud


Should Everyone Be on Spreaker?

I am not happy with the way the change the name of my file along with my ID3 tags, so I would not use them as a primary disctribution (again, I recommend libsyn.com – get a free month at either location using the code sopfree). Another source is blubrry.com (again sopfree gets a free month). There is a free version of spreaker that will have you swapping out your files (not much storage). If I have a choice of Spreaker or Soundcloud? I would go with spreaker.