If the stats in my Stitcher Radio dashboard are accurate, it is VERY RARE for someone listening to your podcast to listen through the final seconds of the podcast. In fact nobody is. The highest percentage I had was on my Marketing Musician Podcast where about 85% listen to the entire episode (these are also some of my shortest). On my podcast review show, my episodes range from 30-60 percent.

Stitcher Radio Share

I am seeing enough lsiteners to make putting your podcast on stitcher woth the effort.  My one podcast now has 17% of its audience on stitcher. If you want to check out stitcher, you can go to www.stitcher.com/davej and download the app (or enter davej when prompted for an activation code).


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Do We Care About Podcast Listening Habits?


If you are trying to sell advertising or get a message out, the one thing I know from these stats is “Start with the good stuff” becuase nobody is sticking around to see if it gets better. This makes sense after all many news casts start with “our top story tonight is…”


Unlike traditional podcast delivery systems (where the end user downloads a file), Stitcher Radio streams the podcast over their smart phone (thus eliminating the need to syncronize your ipod, or wait for a file to download). As stitcher knows how long the episode is, they can then see if a listeners consumed the entire episode or not.

Not All Podcasters Are Fans of Stitcher

Some people are not happy with Stitcher Radio as they convert your podcast to mono to make it easier to stream. Some podcasters get nervous with their terms of service, but for me it's a free way to gain access to a larger audience. I've always said deliver your content in whatever format people want. ON the other hand Stitcher is palced for tremendous growth as GM has announced it will start having stitcher in select cars in 2013. Infotainment is coming to the dashboard, and it's going to be very cool.

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