If your podcast is not listed ted on stitcher.com, you may be missing a piece of your audience. I love that I can update my phone now without iTunes, but I don't enjoy the never ending messages that I'm almost out of storage space. The solution is stitcher.com where you can install an app on your smartphone and stream your podcast (use the activation code davej)

Stitcher has now started publishing a top 100 list which you can find here.

Logical WEight Loss Podcast Breaks the Top 100

The page has to top 100 over all of the week (Freakanomic radio taking the top spot as I write this) as well as the top 100 movers and the top 100 shared. IN addition to those lists they have the top 100 in categories. For example my Logical Weight Loss Podcast is number 63 (apparently 43 last week). If nothing else you can check this on a weekly basis and add it to your media kit in the event you are looking for advertising.