I recently say a podcast in a Google group that has my blood boiling. So much that I'm starting a “Things Podcaster's Shouldn't Say” series. Thank you mystery podcaster for the inspiration.

In his post he states, “I've only gotten 1,500 over the past 3 months not very many and not the type of reach that I planned..” 

I80 peoplen looking at his iTunes it appear he is doing roughly 6 podcasts a month. That means he is getting 83 downloads an episode. (1500 downloads divided by 6 episodes X 3 months = 18 episodes so 1500/18 = 83).

As a teacher, I know the joy of having 20 people come in to hear you speak. To have people who have a problem and at the end of the class they leave empowered. We lose sight that this would be like having FOUR filled to capacity classrooms.  Every Sunday there are Churches in America who would LOVE to have 83 people.

Never describe your audience as “Only.” There are TONS of other thing to listen to, watch, play, and they chose YOUR content. If you have five listeners, and something you said changed their life for the better would that be a failure? It is if you're in it for the quick buck.

Appreciate, respect, and honor those who pay with their most valued possession – their time. Only 83? Get out now before you waste more money trying to be famous and rich over night.