I got a message in my in box last night it read:

“It is with much sadness and deliberation that announce the end of
Indie Radio Chattanooga. I've had a wonderful time and met tons of
nice people, and made a bunch of friends, but my time has come. It's
just not fun anymore and it's time  to move one. Thanks to all of you
who helped me along the way and made such a difference in my life.
Take care and I'll still be lurking in the shadows, so be good!
-Jimi Lee

Why do you start a podcast? Becuase you have a passion for a topic.

When do you stop a podcast? When you no longer have the passion, and when it's just not fun anymore.

It's that simple. If you're bored, it's going to show in the show. You can't fake it forever. I once went to a Sammy hagar concert at a small theater in Akron, Ohio. It was a birthday part for a local radio station. Sammy came out and did his whole set. Then he came out and did a bunch of covers. He did “My Generation,” by the Who. He did, “Whole lotta love” by Led Zepplin.” Sammy is a big talker. Always has stories in between songs (like Spingsteen only interesting). In between these songs he said something crude, but very profound. He said, “If I get bored, we're all F#cked.” How does he stop from getting bored? After playing all the songs his audience wants to hear, Sammy plays some song He wants to hear. Speaking of Sammy, you can get Sammy's Audio book “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock” as a free audio book when you sign up at Audibletrial.com/dave