In the past I've advised people to hold on to their podcasts if they have a surpluss of information. You never know when you will have a "Dry spell" in content. You never know when you'lll get hit with 13 inches of snow and spend the whole day shoveling.

This week I caught a nasty cold, and my voice had a "Dry Spell."

Consequently, on the recent episode of the School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements I set up a poll asking:

1. Are you using a USB interface ( and do you like it ). People seem to love their USB Mic, but no so much USB interfaces, mixers, etc.

2. Are you using Audacity to create your pdocast, and if so have you had any instances where it has crash. I know in 2005 Audacity occasionally would crash. That was years ago, and I haven't heard any Audacity horror stories in a while and I ‘d like to know if it is truly more stable.

Please let me know your experience at

It will take about 30-60 seconds to fill it out.

Thanks in advance.