I've written a new report that you can pick up for $4.95  and has the potential of saving you HOURS.

The goal of this report is to save you time. It is designed for the podcaster who signed up for an Amazon S3 account to host their media, and now they have determined it is time to leave that service due to increased expenses.

As you prepare to move, you have uploaded your media to a new service (for example Libsyn.com). However, your website still points to the media on Amazon S3. You don’t feel like going in and updating 107 blog posts, but it sure looks like that is what you have to do (you don’t). If this is you, this book will save you hours of time.

Why am I moving? While I originally liked paying less than $8 for hosting of my logical weight loss podcast

as I added more and more episodes, and became more and more popular my Amazon S3 bill became more and more expensive until the last two months it has looked something like this:


So I decided to move my media to Libsyn.com where you can host unlimited files with unlimited bandwidth starting at $15 a month. You can get a free month using the coupon code sopfree