Access Your Mac® or PC from Anywhere
My wife has an iPad. On occasion I run into sites that have flash, and I have no idea what is going on. Its a bummer, and I remind myself why I never bought an iPad for myself.

I love the portability. When my wife went had to take my daughter to college orientation, we turned on a feature on our Verizon account and she used the iPhone as a wireless hotspot for the iPad. That was cool. But what about the flash issue.

I just heard about a solution that would work. There is a free GoToMyPC app. This allows you to tap into your computer at home (I'm assuming that has flash). I used this service when I dated my wife and I live an hour away from her. It never failed, whatever I needed was always in the other location.

If I ever get an iPad, I will be turning back on my GoToMyPc account. Check it out at