Zoom has come out with a new version of the popular H2 portable recorder called the H2n. I loved the H2, and I've had a few podcasters interview me using that unit and I'm always amazed at the sound.This is one of the most versatile units. It doubles as a USB interface, records in WAV or mp3 formats, has a line/mic input (not 1/4″ or XLR, just 1/8″). The new H2n sells for $199 at Amazon.com

The new H2n unit has some great features:

1. More Microphone options

There are more microphones. You can record from the line in in addition to the built-in mics (and mix them later). You can record with your side mics on (for ambience) and then later determine how much of that to use in the recording.

2. Increased battery Life

The material for the H2n state a battery life of 20 hours. Cool.

3. Increased Display

It never fails, I buy a Roland R-05 because of the big display and Zoom comes out with a new unit with a bigger 1.8″ display. The R-05 has 1.5″

4. One Button Record

In previous units you pushed it once to be in stand by mode, and once again to record. This lead to a few, “Oh man it wasn't recording” situations I'm sure. Not any more. One big button on the front. Press it once and you're recording.

5. Data recovery

In the past there was the “Oh many my batteries went dead” is now a thing of the past. You have a data recovery mode. When you put new batteries in, yuor data is safe.

6. Up to 32 Gig SDCard

The unit comes with a 2 Gig card, and can record on a card up to 32 gigs.

7. Flexible Recording Levels

It use to be you had low, medium, and high as far as recording settings. Now you have a conveniently placed dial that you can adjust as you record.

8. It's Damn Sexy

The thing just looks cool

What You Don't Get with the Zoom H2n

When you purchased the H2, you got all sort of accessories. This included a windscreen, power cable. a stand, a microphone adapter (for putting it into a microphone stand). At $150 this unit was not only a great unit, it was a great value. With the H2n listing at $199, I was thinking you got all the bells and whistles. This is no longer the case. Now to get a power cord (with 20 hours of battery life do you really need this?), windscreen, remote control, stand, case, etc it's an additional $39 making the total price around $240.  With this in mind, why not go one step further to the Zoom H4n which is $299 and has all the accessories (not as good a battery life), and the ability to plug in a 1/4″ or XLR microphone right into the bottom of it?