I previously mentioned how I had found an app for my Android that allowed me to subscribe directly to my favorite podcast feeds (and ditch iTunes). I've received some additional feedback from listeners on their favorite “podcatching” apps and will be discussing it in the next “Morning announcements” podcast.

So I'm happy that all my podcasts are on my phone (I'm using a trial version of beyondpod). The one thing I miss is all my music is on my iPod. As a musician in a band, I learn a lot of music on the fly. Half of the struggle is just remembering the format of the song (verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, solo, etc). You get this by hearing the song over and over. Well I am so addicted to podcasts right now, I'm not even throwing my ipod (an Old 80 Gig – non “touch” – no apps) in the car. This is an issue I really need them both. I need my podcasts, I need my music on my phone.

Today I read about Amazon Cloud Drive. This is really pretty cool. You get 5 GIGS of free space. If you buy a song from Amazon MP3 store, you can have it directly added to your cloud drive and you pay NOTHING for the storage. You can download the song to your computer later if you wish. However, what about getting the music on my phone.

The Amazon mp3 app for the android now acts as a player for any music on your phone, and it will now play all the music on your cloud drive. Sweet.

What about playlists? – Check
What about playing artist? – Check

All the fun tools that were in iTunes seem to be present (it doesn’t seem to count the number of plays –which I use on my “workout music” playlist to make sure songs are rotated evenly).

What does it cost? Well the first 5 Gigs are free. After that its:

20 Gigs / $20 per year
50 Gigs / $50 per year
100 Gigs / $100 per year

All the way up to 1000 GB.

What I don’t see is if there is a charge for bandwidth. It’s one thing to have all your music in a cloud, but I actually want to listen to it. This is me is the one question I can’t find an answer to (and could turn into a deal breaker).

I just know that right now its super easy to use. It’s FREE, and I have started creating the perfect phone with podcasts that update directly to the podcaster’s website, and my music all on one device.