You might be talking yourself out of starting a podcast. You're convinced that you're not a “Geek” and that you just don't have the set of skills to create a podcast. I'm here to let you know you already have the skills.

You Need to Press Record

I bet you've press record on a VCR, a Cassette deck

I'll never get all the steps

But yet every morning you measure out water, measure out coffee, pour a container of water into a small opening, and press the right button to create coffee.

I'll have to manage all those sound files.

If you have attach a file to an email you have the file management skills to podcast. If you are uploading pictures to Facebook, you're good to go.

I have no experience with Sound Mixing.

You adjust the volume in your car every day to where it's not too loud, but loud enough to drown out the sound of your car.

It seems complicated
So did tying your shows when you first started. You got through that ok.

I'm not sure I can afford it.

You couldn't afford your children when they were born, but you made it happen. However, a podcast won't scream if you ignore it.

I have no mouse skills

Have a friend show you how to play solitaire on the computer. This is a game but at the end of a few games you will develop mouse skills.

I don't know how to install software
I bet you don't know how to make a cake. If you didn't you would get feedback from your friends on which cake mix is the best, and then you would go to the store and buy the mix. Then you would follow the directions on the box. With podcasting you can ask what are the best software titles. Then you download the installation file (cake mix) and then follow the directions to install it.

Writing Show Notes

If you write email, or use a word processor then you already have the skills. The only difference is you will be doing it on your website. It looks the same except when you click “Publish” it is saved to the Internet instead of your computer.