I have a segment on my podcast called “The Last 5 in 5” where you list – not your favorite podcast – but the last 5 you listened to (along with a brief description, and their website) in less than 5 minutes. Today I'm looking for something different.

Thinking back to all the podcasts you listened to in 2011, which one was your favorite.

For me this was hard. I get great information from No Agenda. I listen to a lot of podcasts about podcasting (The Podcasters Studio is a good one), I love the stories from The Bitterest Pill. However, the one that made me laugh, while informing me about stuff going on in music, and turning me on to great music, and great interveiws was Micahel Butler's Rock and Roll Geek Show. It's the longest running podcast (started in 2004) and the original music podcast.

Its tough (I am subscribed to 43 podcasts at the moment). So what was your favorite podcast of 2011 (THAT's NOT YOURS), that you were so happy to see come into your podcatcher? Leave a creative and interesting comment below.