It's been almost two years since I started working on the book “More Podcast Money.” As I did my final preparations to get it ready for Amazon, I laughed as I had to edit out mentions of resources like (as it is no longer in service). I had done all I needed to do. I had researched and written the book. I had hired a professional editor (poor guy), and cut my book down (according to him I had about four books in my one book). I hired a graphic artist to produce my book cover (they say you don't judge a book by the cover, but in this case – you do).

Every time I get ready to buy the ISBN numbers (a pack of ten costs between $200 – $300) something would come up (Blogworld, Car Repairs, etc). It just seemed that I couldn't get over that hump. I had sold a decent amount of copies as a PDF, but the dream was to get it into

When I met Jim Kukral at blogworld he said six words that changed my life and let me complete my dream. Those words were “You don't need an ISBN number.” What? I said. “If you are publishing to the Kindle, you don't need an ISBN number.” As electronic books are outselling paper works three to one, I didn't want to completely ignore the paper world, but for now I just wanted to get the book into Amazon.After all, in the same way that you need Adobe reader to read a pdf, you can read a Kindle book on any platform (even your browser).

Yesterday my dream became a reality. Like any first time author there are things that need tweaked, but I enjoyed the giant smile on my face when I did a search for “More Podcast Money” and saw this.

More Podcast Money at Amazon

I relaxed for a good thirty seconds.Then I started working on what should've been my first book “Planning Your Podcast.”

Special thanks to all my author buddies Peggy Dekay, Robert Chazz Chute and Jum Kukral who supplied me with tons of advice along the way.

Check out the book at