One of the sessions I attended at New Media Expo was one on how you can now record your very own audio book (which I plan on doing for more podcast money). As podcasters we already have the recording thing down. During the session they stated that in some cases (not all ) you can get paid $100 per hour of completed audio. This means if you record a book that is 15 hours long, you make $1500! That got my attention.

The wonderful ting is with Amazon making it so easy for anyone to release a book on (even someone like me), that there is a HUGE need for people who can record audio to narrate these books. If you are looking for a way to make money with your voice, this may be a way to do it. Obviously you need to be able to record, and have a good presentation, but you've more than likely polished those skills by recording an editing your podcast.

There is a Masterclass starting in February it will be a month long, and today they released a video examining the lies about narrating audio books as they build up to the class launching.

You can check out the video HERE

Audio Book Lies

I remember from the session that the class wasn't cheap, but if I view this as an investment instead of an expense, this might be a piece of the puzzle that lets me kick my day job to the curb. The idea sounds great as you could do this on your own schedule. Like I said, this has my attention…