I just started listening to a new podcast that I really like… well kind of. It's the Wordcast podcast at www.wordcastpodcast.com I've heard three episodes so far. It has three hosts. One host (Kim Huynh) is really into the bleeding edge of WordPress (so he talks alot about things that only exist in Beta – which I only use stuff that has been tried and tested). They have one host (Beth) who is a blogger, but knows almost nothing about the technical side. This is good for the newbies who also listen, as Beth probably asks the questions that they are thinking. Beth also is big into themes. Then there is Dave Moyer who is a nice mix between the two, and seems to have WordPress knowledge coming out of his ears. Beth and Dave go to the same church and have alot of “inside jokes” that I don't get.

The one thing I am listening for is their “Plugin of the week.” They have recommended some really great plugins. To this I wish, “I wish their podcast was simply the plugin of the week.” Now there may be a plugin of the week podcast, but that is an example of my, “I wish this podcast existed.” If it did I would listen religiously. As for now I fast forward through the beta talk, fast forward through the parts where Beth takes them off topic (Hey this plugin has great colors… this website has tops on cooking!), and get right to the plugin of the week section. That is the magic of podcasting (the fast forward button).

What podcast do you wish existed?