Adam Corolla was interviewed and asked about growing his audience. He said:

Starting the podcast is one trip top Guitar Center and a Macintosh laptop. There's not much to starting it. It's getting the audience that is the more difficult part of the equation.

(Growing Your Audience) is where the work comes in. The part where you try to build that audience, and you try to keep that audience. It's no different than any business. It's no different than a restaurant. You need new customers, and you try to keep the customers you have happy, and you have to know that most people are one bad meal away from not coming back for a while, and maybe telling other people not to show up. So it's an ongoing event, and that's why I've done it every single day for three and a half years. I haven't missed a day in that time period. It's not twice a week or a weekend thing; it's every single day without failure for over three years. So that's my first plan, is to deliver the product.