Zcast was started back in January of 2016 (source). They will shut down in January of 2019. This means they lasted 36 months. I typically say the average is around 31 months.

Why do they go out of business? Because bandwidth is not free. To stay in business you need to bring in more money then you spend. When you bring in zero, that is a problem.

In an article the CEO said the success of one his shows, Missing Alissa caused the downfall. “The show became wildly successful, and that means a lot of downloads. And, as a hosting company, delivering content to listeners is not free, so the cost adds up. The more you stream the more you pay. And, at the end of the day, those bills need to be paid and it’s harder to make the numbers work if you’re not charging a monthly fee. “

If you were on Zcast I recommend the following hosts:

1. Libsyn.com (preferred)
2. Bluburry.com
3. Podbean

Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at any of these services.

If I was on anchor.fm, I'd move now cause the clock is ticking…