I got this email today from the Martin Rushe who is the  CEO at selz.com

notcoolSome of you may have read about the problems at our competitor Gumroad who announced they are laying most of their staff.

It would be easy and a little predictable for us to feel some schadenfreude about this. But we truthfully don't. We always questioned the sustainability of Gumroad's business model but we also admired them as an innovative competitor. The service we provide, which allows our brilliant creators and entrepreneurs to sell direct to their customers without paying away their hard-earned margins to marketplaces, is fast-growing and we see the loss of good operators as a net loss to the industry as a whole.

We also wanted to reassure you in case you had any concerns about the stability of Selz. I'm pleased to tell you that Selz goes from strength to strength. Our community of great customers, our team of committed staff, our feature-set and our unstinting dedication to giving you the tools to sell more online is growing by the day.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your business is our business and we're here to help.”

For me (who wasn't worried how his business is doing) I thought this was kind of a douche bag kind of thing to do. Realize when you say BUT it negates everything you said before it. I think you're a great person BUT… I don't need the money BUT… it was a great movie BUT….

Hey Martin, don't build your business by stepping on the face of others. If you want to grow Selz, how about not charging me to use PaypPal?