podcastpromo_featured.pngOn Valentine's Day I will be launching "my" 8th podcast. It's not really "My" podcast as it is a podcast featuring a single podcast promo. The name? The Podcast Promo Show (I know it took me a while to come up with that). I thought this would be a no brainer. There are TONS of promos right? All I have to do is slap on some intro and outro music, throw up a blog, and POOF – instant podcast (which I could then use to do some testing with feedburner stats).

I was surprised that first of all, they are not THAT plentiful. Podcastpickle.com use to be a great place that made it easy to find promos. Not anymore (Gary are you listening?) . Then I went to www.podcastpromos.com and while this has a fair amount of promos I am finding a genuine lack in quality. It appears that the first things new podcasters do when they start podcasting is create a promo. You know, the item thats going to help bring them listeners. I have one word : OOFAH!

You can submit your podcast promo at www.podcastpromoshow.com (however you may want to wait until tomorrow when you can read my 15  tips for making a successful promo)