I listen to a lot of Podcasts, and many of them have Audible as a sponsor. I overheard two podcasters saying that AudibleĀ  had “over saturated” the market with advertising. To this I ask you a question?

Who is the number 2 audio book provider?

My answer I have no idea as I have never looked elsewhere. Audible is in my face. I have an account and have listened to some great books.

Why does audible sponsor podcasts?


Why does Audible reward podcasters for talking about their service to people who like to listen to audio? We have their target market. The question is do podcast listeners like to listen to audio books? My answer?

Yes. No I take that back. Hell Yeah.

For me this is adding up to WAY more than gas money. How did I do that? My podcast on fitness, I mentioned the new Jillian Michaels book (and I mentioned it on my Jillian Michaels fan cast). On my podcast for musicians I mentioned the new Steven Tyler book, the following episode I talked about the new Sammy Hagar book. I explain to the audience that they could get these books for free.You will also see on this post that any time I type the word Audible, it inserts my affiliate link (a little trick from my More Podcast Money book).

When you sign up, you can specify a URL. Mine is www.audibletrial.com/dave which allows me to use it on all my podcasts.

When someone signs up for a 14 day trial using your link, you get $15. I know people who are selling advertising on their podcasts for $5 an episode. You have an audience that likes to listen to audio. If you take a second to find something your audience might enjoy (like The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding), you will see that they will check it out.You will make more than $5 an episode (at least in my travels).

Explain to them that it an Audible subscription is just $15 a month once their 14 day free trial is over. Explain that if they cancel before the 14 days is over, they will not be charged, and they can keep the book. Explain they they can listen on their iPhone, Droid, iPod, and Kindle. Audible even provides banners and such to help you promote the service.

There is no long term contract, and I have my commissions direct deposited into my checking account.

Podcasters! If you're interested in signing up for the referral program go to www.schoolofpodcasting.com/audible