You're probably sick of me mentioning Marc Maron and his WTF podcast, but the guy is in the New York Times, and Rolling Stone, and his momentum does not seem to be slowing down. We now see where he is getting hundreds of thousands of downloads per episode. Here are some nuggets from another interview.

“There are no obstacles, you do whatever you want. Towards the beginning, people would ask me, “What is this show? I don't get it.” And I'd say, “It's my show.” Those are the perimeters. I don't have to make people laugh. I don't have to do anything except talk into a mic. I can sit there and just emote for ten minutes, I could cry for ten minutes. It's just really freedom. I've been talking into a mic one way or another for half my life, and this is just the most organic for me, and that's why it resonates with people.

I mean, you can watch your actual numbers just grow online. That's what's so amazing about podcasting, and why it's openly killing radio, which just spins the numbers. But now I can see every week how many people are listening.

When asked if it was the most usccessfull thing he has ever undertaken (realize he is a stand up comedian, done off broadway, radio, TV, books). His answer? ”¬†Absolutely. There is no question about that.”

I loved that his motivation is ”¬†All I'm looking for is to connect” and he attributes his success to