If you haven't updated your iOs device to iOs 9, and you're an avid Podcast listener using the native Apple Podcasts app, don't upgrade your operating system to iOs 9 (mine apparently did it automatically). They changed some things in the program, and some people are not too happy (they removed the tile view) This doesn't effect everybody (its works on an iPad, and it may work better on newer phones) but it may leave you asking:

What Other Podcast Apps Are There Besides Podcasts From Apple?

The one I'm playing with this morning (and loving) is Overcast What I like about this is:

60 second skip ahead

adjustable speeds and a feature that actually cuts out long pauses

Ability to sync across different devices. You can even listen on the web and then pick up right where you left off.

What My Friends Like

When I asked Ray Ortega from Podcaster's Rountable, he said he loved Pocket Casts as did Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk.

Elsie Escobar from She Podcasts loves Castro .