So many people have said things like “I miss the Podcasting community of 2005” back then people were swapping promos left and right, and there seemed to be more of a community feel.

Well I'm trying to bring the feel of 2005 back. I just created Podcast Promo Swap. Right now its geared towards audio (but we might add video in the future). If you publish at least once a week, and plan on having a podcast for the next twelve weeks, then I encourage you to sign up.

Once we have twelve people sign up, I will sort the promos alphabetically and each week I will send out an email with a link to a podcast promo that you can download and put into your show (so you need a podcast promo uploaded on your site that people can download).

In the future we might also add groups based on genre (sports, health, music, etc). Right now we're just kicking the tires and measuring the interest.

Check it out at or of you're ready you can register now. (you will need the URL of your promo to register).