I just got done looking at the stats for www.podcastclicks.com from 2006 to 2007 we sent 26,197 clicks to podcasters. With almost 2 million impressions Podcastclicks.com is a great podcast branding tool.

The bad news is my old hosting company was awful, and caused all sort of issues. Eventually I had no choice but to close the service in late December and move the service to a new host (www.coolerwebsites.com ). It's been gone for a few weeks over the holidays, and is now ready to return.

The service has a grand re-opening sale. The price will be $10.00 a YEAR for the system. (The price will be returning the the regular price of $19.99 a year on March 1).

What is Podcastclicks.com? It is a banner exchange program. You upload a banner (3 different choices to choose from) on your server and point podcastclicks.com to it. Then take a small bit of code and pit it on your website. Once the code is on your site, everytime you show a banner on your site YOUR banner will be displayed on another podcasters website.

You can choose what categories to display on your website (so the adult/mature doesn't appear on a religious website). You can login to your account and see how many clicks you've received. Don't go broke spending money on google ads, at $10 a year, this grand opening special makes Podcastclicks.com a great value in podcast promotion.

Sizes are 468X60, 120X240, and 120X120.

Keep your eye on www.podcastclicks.com as we wait for the Internet to update the URL to display the new version of the promotional service.