Podcasting has helped me make friends. I had a friend once before, but I forgot to feed it and it died (I can still hear the flushing of the toilet). Therre are people I communicaete with email, voicemail, skype, etc.

Don Lewis is a super nice dude (www.thebigbreakpodcast.com ). I missed shaking his hand this year at the New Media Expo. Don had lost his wife of 30+ year on October 4th to cancer.

I do "Diary" podcast called Building a Better Dave where I talk about my life, my stuggles as a college student who typically is double the age of his classmates, my venture into dating post divorce, and whatever is on my mind. I try to make people laugh, cry, think, or groan. It has got me into some "uncomfortable" situation when you find out your girlfriend's family is listening.

However, there are times when you get some feedback and I go THAT is why I'm a podcaster. You see I put out a show about dealing with menopause (with my Girlfriend's permission not to kill me for poking fun).

So here it just a few days after her death and Don Lewis was listening to my Podcast. Understandably he has had a very hard week. When I opened the email that contained Don's voice comment I wasn't sure what to expect. 

Don was thanking me for that episode as he had gone through menopause with his wife. He had his tips for delaing with it, and then said something that made my day.

"Dave Episode 50 brought a smile to my face."

So while I  didn't change the world, and I didn't get rich from that episode, the fact that I made a friend of mine smile when is having a tough time makes it worth it.

(Don's Audio Comment about Show #50 of Bulding a Better Dave)

My Prayers are with you Don.