Once upon a time, a podcast consultant came up with a podcast workflow. I didn't think it was great advice in 2012, and now five years later it's horrible advice. The advice was to use Feedburner (so you could redirect your feed if you need to), PowerPress plugin for your feed, and Libsyn.com as your media host. While the PowerPress plugin is a good plugin, after having a few sites hacked I no longer trust WordPress. I use it, but I always follow these guidelines:

  1. Get rid of any theme, or plugin you are not using
  2. Keep your site up to date. Update any plugin or theme.
  3. Always have a backup.

The other problem with this strategy was that it recommended using a feature in Libsyn called “File For Download Only.” This is meant for people with membership sites, email lists, etc. They could upload their bonus information and never have to worry about their files going to the public (iTunes). In a nutshell its for people who DO NOT want their files to be seen. The strategy from 2012, says take that feature (meant for people trying to control access) and use it to blast your episodes to everyone. The reason? You could have multiple feeds from one Libsyn.com account (saving you $15-$20 typically per month). I've always found this ironic as the people who perpetuate this workflow make tons of cash.

This video shows you the pros and cons of using the 2012 workflow, and instead, shows you how to get the most out of your Libsyn.com account (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)