Last year I was involved with a documentary called, “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” and on August 23rd it becomes available in iTunes. We want it to come out at number one. My incentive for you is simple.

  1. Go to and preorder the movie ($5.99) and take a screenshot
  2. Send an email to me dave “at” (you see what I'm doing there right?) with the subject “I have a message – your name”
  3. I will send you a coupon for 4o% off your first six months at the School of Podcasting (or one month if you don't want to stay six months). That is a saving of $20 a month. Over six months you would save $120.
  4. I will also send you a link where you can sign up to win items like a Heil PR4o, Tascam digital recorders, Headphones, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Gift cards.

All you have to do is spend $5.99 at

Here is a video of people commenting at the screening in New York City