Social Media Marketing Society


Michael Stelzner the man behind Social Media Examiner is launching the Social Media Marketing Society and I just joined (see receipt above). Here is why:

1. I love Michael's podcast and he always provides great content (they have a sample video on their website – it's great – on Googly Analytics.

2. It's going to save me time. Instead of doing Google Searches and hoping I find information that's not outdated, I know Michael is always on the leading edge (Without being on the bleeding edge).

3. This is a community. So I can network with people looking to market their message (maybe potential clients, but I'm not going their to spam).

4. I'm going to bypass the hurdles. Michael teaches what WORKS. He gives you the behind the scenes info on why something worked.

5. It's $1.33  day. Every day I spend at least $1.5 on soda. I can give up soda and drink water. It's better for my physical health, and it's better for the health of my business.

When you join the Society, you’ll receive three original training sessions each month that are timely, tactical and expert-led. This means that you’ll have the ongoing training you need to implement all the latest social media marketing tactics that matter. Plus, you’ll be able to network with fellow marketers just like you.

If you're interested (and want to check out their demo lesson) click here.

They close the doors on June 30th, and won't open until next year (so if you're going to join, now would be a good time – don't miss out). JOIN NOW.