About 3 times a month myself, Paul Colligan, Gary Lealand from Podcast Pickle, and Rob from Podcast 411 get together and record "Today in Podcasting." It's a very low key podcast about the latest podcasting headlines and our insights. We all have varying opinions and I get more feedback about that show than just about any podcast I do.

Our latest feedback (I want to say it was Grammar Girl) had told Rob she loved the show, but couldn't take the poor quality of recording (yes the Podcast Gurus were using free services like Talkshoe.com and www.thebasementventures.com ). She had unsubscribed!

Why? Well it took about 30 mintutes for us to get the levels right when we recorded our Skype call. Using these phone services was easier. However, it took on the fidelity of an AM radio. It was "listenable." So I've had people RAVE about how fun this show is, and yet becuase of the "packaging" (audio quality) the content couldn't save the show for the listener. So while content is King, it can't save really bad audio.

Ringo Starr (for those under 30, he was in "The Beatles" that band Paul McCartney was in before Wings. You've never heard of Wings? lets move on….) as I was saying…

Ringo Starr sings on key. His range is limited. His tone is "OK." He is "Listenable." While I won't immediately turn off a RIngo Starr song, I wouldn't ever want to listen to a full "album" of Ringo. To throw gas on the fire, I don't think Ringo is a great songwriter either. So we have bad content, and bad quality. Ooofah.

Lets talk a bit about today. Britney vs Christina.
Britney – great packaging, with so so singing capabilities. 
Christina – great packaging, phenominal voice. (sound quality and content)

While the packaging took Britney a long way, it was the content (the vocal talent) of Christina that will give her longevity.

Now let's throw in Celine Dion. Great voice, lots of facial contortions when she sings. The packaging is brutal.  I can't stand to watch this woman sing. It makes me beleive she has eaten an enormoous amount of cheese in a very short period of time. The content is good, but the "packaing" makes it so I have to tune out.

Content is King, but it can't save you all the time.