I recently switched the School of Podcasting's membership script from Amember to Digital Access Pass. Now I can block an entire post, or just some of it. I can sell that post as a single product, or include it in a package that is delivered immediately (or “dripped over time). Digital Access Pass even has its own built in affiliate program (promote the School of Podcasting and earn 30% ).

I just heard about Cleeng for the first time today. This is a service that will let you keep 80% of the income. Their big feature is you don't have to lock things behind a membership wall. I have news for them, you can this with Digital Access Pass (sorry Cleeng). In fact you can do both if you want. It's the most versatile membership plugin out there (and their support is phenominal).

So I appreciate the gesture cleeng, but I know better and I will be elliminating the middle man.

Instead of buying a membership script, and later adding an affiliate program, purchase one product that does it all for $167. For more information go to digitalaccesspass.com