One of the reasons I started the Podcast Promo Show is I wanted to use Feedburner stats. I had never used them on any of my podcasts. So I used my libsyn account to host the files,  I turned on my feedburner stats and waited.

I also knew that not everybody would be interested in a Podcast that featured one promo. So on my eleventh episode I was not surprised to see I had a whopping 35ish listeners.

Libsyn Stats


When I logged into my Feedburner account it showed I had 32 downloads


So from Libsyn I had 35 UNIQUE downloads, and it would appear that Feedburner may  be tracking just unique downloads (as that's only 3 off ). I guess if I wanted to have just a TON of fun, I could through in a redirect to see how that would fair.

I think it's safe to say that when it comes to podcast stats, we are not an exact science – yet.

If nothing else I'm looking forward to April and the report from the ADM