IT ConversatioinsA newsletter went out today from Doug Kaye at IT Conversations. Here are some excerpts. Before reading, please promise me you won't go into a “podcasting is dead” mindset. Cheers, Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, Happy Days, all the classics even come to an end.

  • IT Conversations production of new programs will cease around December 1.
  • will be shut down around December 1.

IT Conversations was the second podcast ever published and today is still the longest running of all podcasts. In The Conversations Network’s nearly ten years we’ve published more than 3,300 programs on our three primary channels.

When we started this project, no one else was publishing free audio from conferences or other events. We were the first to stream live tech-conference audio and the first to offer recordings of conference sessions as free podcasts.

We’ve helped event producers and podcasters to create and publish programs themselves, and increasingly that’s what they’re doing. There simply isn’t as great a need for a service like The Conversations Network. So we’ve decided to complete our mission by helping our remaining partners continue their podcasts on their own websites.

What About the Levelator Software?

There is no answer at this point to “what happens to the levelator software?” For now I would download it in the event it goes away.