Todd Cochrane and the boys at are coming out with a new feature for their powerpress plugin. I love the PowerPress plugin. I realize that PowerPress has a fair amount of features that not everyone uses, but in their latest newsletter they announced a new feature coming called ,”Meta Mark” which to me sounds like a character on a Saturday Night Live Sketch. What this feature will do is allow you to specify certain actions to happen in your media when played on your website. Here are some examples:

Example 1: At 2:33 you Meta Mark the media, so that it pops up a window within the media player asking the listener to comment on that segment of content. When acted on, the comment will get pushed back to you, increasing engagement.

Example 2: At 4:44 seconds you Meta Mark the media so that it pops up a survey window for your listener to respond to. This allows you to embed survey links or simple surveys within your media.

Example 3: At 10:29 seconds you Meta Mark the media at that precise location to insert an advertisement by a third-party partner.

Example 4: At 11:55 you Meta Mark the media to pop up a URL associated with the topic you are discussing. When clicked on, it will launch a new window to that content.

They'e also released the Cuetoo product for selling digital products (which I will be checking out right after I post this ). Special thumbs up to Angelo Mandato who is the main man behind PowerPress.